all that is solid melts into air

I'm too lazy to do a proper blog, so instead I just post pictures of cartoons and girls I fancy.

So today I am heading down to London in preparation for my Secret Holiday:

  • I don’t know where I’m going
  • I don’t know when I’m going
  • I don’t know when I’m coming back
  • I don’t know how I’m getting there
  • I don’t know what currency I need

I’m pretty much rocking up with a bag of clothes, a credit card and a passport and then I’m off somewhere for a week or so.

Most people are freaked out when I tell them but I think it’s fucking ace and I am super excited.

It won’t be Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Portugal or Paris as the mates I’m going with have already been there on Secret Holidays of their own.

Since it was organised a few months ago I’ve always thought it would be Croatia or Estonia or Scandinavia, but this past week I had Italy in my mind for some reason, and then yesterday I thought Poland, but that was mainly because one of my mates has just come back from there and had a wicked time.

Feel free to guess where I’m going - I’ve paid £220 for travel & accommodation for what I think is 5 nights, from London, so that limits how far we can go. I’ll let you know when I’m back!